The Four Core Functions of Branding

If you are considering working with a rebranding agency to develop a new branding plan for your business—you should start from the scratch. If the initial branding plan did not succeed for some reason then, you should start a rebranding process by starting with the four functions of branding and work your way to the top. The following are the four core functions of branding:

· Differentiation:

When branding or rebranding your business, you should predefine the elements which would contribute towards the differentiation of your business. You should be clear about the selling points of your business, and you should specify that how your business is differentiated from that of your competitor’s in a non-perfect market. A business should specify what makes it different from its competitors or, how its services can benefit you as a customer.

· Authenticity:

If you are considering rebranding your brand then, you should consider integrating an essence of authenticity to your branding process. You should develop a story that describes your business and history of your business in the best way. You should include the elements that you would like to share with your audience. Storytelling is an excellent way to inform your targeted audience on how your business originated or what inspired you to start a business, etc.

· Value Setting and Centering

When rebranding agency your business, you should consider integrating value setting and centering into your branding plan, and you should devise an extensive plan to determine the success of the rebranding process. For a majority of the companies, branding constitutes to work as a way of life, and it is responsible for formalizing the core values of a business. It requires a brand to develop a storytelling approach that helps a targeted audience in understanding the mission and vision of a company on a magnified level.

· Unification

The role of branding is not simply limited to the marketing department or the R&D department; however, you should ask the head of each department in your organization to contribute towards the branding or rebranding process of your company. If you are resorting to rebranding for improving the image of your company then, you should have the primary department heads on the board to provide their input on the process. Hence, branding plays an important role in the unification of the organization as a whole.